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Microbiology: Laboratory Theory & Application, Essentials

Michael J. Leboffe, Burton E. Pierce
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This newest addition to the best-selling Microbiology: Laboratory Theory & Application series of manuals provides an excellent value for courses where lab time is at a premium or for smaller enrollment courses where customization is not an option.  The Essentials edition is intended for courses populated by nonmajors and allied health students and includes exercises selected to reflect core microbiology laboratory concepts. 

About this Product


  • Contains 51 exercises with a focus on fundamental lab skills, microbial growth, microscopy, staining, selective media, differential tests, and medical microbiology.
  • Theory and Application provide students with the general principles and everyday purpose of the labs. 
  • In This Exercise clearly explains what students can expect as they work through the Lab Procedures. 
  • Biochemical reactions for the organism and indicator reactions of the test depict the reactions taking place in the lab. 
  • MaterialsMedium Recipes, and Procedures give students step-by-step instructions for conducting the labs. Biosafety levels are also included so that students are aware of the safety precautions necessary for each lab. 
  • Tables of results help students organize and interpret results. 
  • Data sheets provide students room to record their data and answer critical thinking questions.
  • High-qualityfull-color photographsmicrographs, and illustrations ensure that students have color-accurate visual representations of what they will see in the lab. 
  • Photographs and procedural diagrams outline the steps necessary to correctly complete the lab. Directional arrows help ensure students use proper technique. 
  • Clearly written, informative captions help ensure students use proper technique in the lab.

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  • An online Instructor's Manual contains tips for the instrcutor and answers to all of the exercises. 
  • All of the images from the lab manual are provided electronically. Images are presented at digital display resolution (150 dpi), intended for use in PowerPoint presentations.

About the Author

Michael J. Leboffe

Burton E. Pierce

Table of Contents


Section 1: Fundamental Skills for the Microbiology Laboratory

Section 2: Microbial Growth

Section 3: Microscopy and Staining

Section 4: Selective Media

Section 5: Differential Tests

Section 6: Medical Microbiology

Appendix A: Biochemical Pathways

Appendix B: Miscellaneous Transfer Methods

Appendix C: Transfers Using a Glass Pipette

Appendix D: Transfers from a Broth Culture Using a Digital Pipetor

Appendix E: Alternative Procedure for Standard Plate Count (Viable Count)

Appendix F: Medium, Reagent, and Stain Recipes