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A CustomLab Creation Guide

Morton Publishing's mission is to provide professors and students with the highest-quality lab manuals, dissection guides, and photographic atlases for life and physical science lab courses. Morton CustomLab allows you to benefit from our deep reservoir of lab exercises, photographs, illustrations, and publishing services to create a beautiful and affordable customized lab manual tailored specifically to suit the needs of your course. 

Through our robust CustomLab program, you can customize one of our existing manuals, custom publish your own material, or create a manual combining your material with ours, including access to our lab exercises and image library to provide more visual support for your manual. 

We strive to make the customization process as smooth as possible for you. When you call us, a human being answers the phone, and our custom editor, custom project editor, production group, customer service team, and your sales rep will do the best they can to make sure that you are satisfied.

For more information, please contact our Custom Project Editor.

Manuscript Prep Guide

This document will help you prepare your original material for us to typeset your manual. It offers "Do's" and "Don'ts," as well as valuable instructions on how to prepare and submit your first draft.

Common Features

Use this list of common features to help determine what you'd like to include in your manuscript.

Sample Chapter Outline

This document is an example of a custom manual chapter outline, which will help keep you organized while you are deciding what material you would like to include and in what order. 

Sample First Draft

This document is an example of what we would like your manuscript to look like when it is sent to us. It needs to be a Word Document (.docx). Please remove any formatting and include your image selections in red font in the general location of where you would like them placed. In the Word file, please include any captions you'd like and any labels that are associated with the image. 

CustomLab Creation Guide

This document encapsulates everything you need to know when creating a custom hybrid lab manual. This printable booklet will allow you to keep track of your manual as you go through the process and keep you organized and on track.

Sample A&P Chapter

If you have written your own lab exercises, you can choose photographs and illustrations from our comprehensive library of more than 10,000 images to add robust viusal support to your custom lab manual. We have several designs to choose from, which provide a sleek, professional look to your finished custom manual.

Sample Biology Chapter

We have several designs to choose from, which provide a sleek, professional look to your finished custom manual. While we have chosen to display these by subject matter, please know that you can use any of our design templates for any subject.

Sample Chemistry Chapter

All of our CustomLab hybrid options include typesetting which gives your manual a professionally produced look. By using our typesetting service, it allows you to spend more time on the content and less time on the formatting.

Sample Microbiology Chapter

We have dedicated Custom Editors, Adam Jones and Danielle Holzmann, who will oversee your custom project from the beginning to end. They will answer your questions, collect your manuscript, manage it through the production process, provide a price quote, create an ISBN, and ensure the project is printed and delivered on time.